Monday, November 21, 2011

Girly 21st Cheetah Birthday Cake

This cake was done for a girl who turned 21 years old. I actually knew her since she was a little girl so reality set in that I'm getting up there lol. Anyway she contacted me a few weeks ago, and said she wanted Cheetah print on her cake with red velvet, and she left the rest up to me. I like when I'm given creative control, it gives me room to be creative! I started out by baking two layers of red velvet cake, and then I made the buttercream frosted. Once The cake cooled I filled and iced the cake with the buttercream, and let it set. While it set I made Marshmallow fondant and colored it to the different colors needed to make the cake. After the cake was covered with the fondant, I ended up with something like this.
Once I had a plain cake I was ready to decorate. I made the edible paint and started painting on my cheetah print. Once the paint dried I made the make-up accessories out of fondant. The lips were made out of a candy mold. Thanks to my friend Corn for helping me out. I had him on the phone 5 am sending him pictures of every step just to make sure it was right! The birthday girl lovvvvveeed her cake! <--Those were her words lol

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Brown and White zebra diaper bag Cake

This a Zebra diaper bag cake covered in homemade MMF with handmade fondant baby sneakers and the bottle was made from a candy mold.
I did a desert Bar in which I made  custom cakepops, cupcakes, and chocolate covered pretzels, and lollipops that tied the whole look together. I also customized the frames,  with the expecting parents picture. It was a lot of work, but fun seeing all my creations come to life!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Betty Boop Cake

My friend came to me, and told me she wanted a Betty Boop cake for her younger sister surprise 21st birthday party. Of course I said sure (eventhough I didn't have an idea on how to do it). I wasn't sure if I wanted to chance ordering an edible image, since I never recieved the last one on time. Therefore, I came across a new technique called a buttercream transfer. It was fairly easy, and I loved the way the cake came out. I made Betty African American, and made edible lipstick and nailpolish.
I heard the birthday girl loved her cake so much she didn't let anyone cut the cake. She took the whole cake home. When she finally cut the cake she said it was really good. Next time I'll add some cupcakes so the guest can have some cake as well lol. ; )

Graduation Time!

This graduation cake was made for one of my best friends Fallon for her graduation party.
The cap is cake as well, with an edible bow, and diploma on the side.
I'm so proud of her because she worked really hard as a mother who worked, and went to school full-time. Trust me I know it's not easy wearing many hats,and wearing them well!
Honorable mention goes to my other friend Patrece whom received her masters in psychology, and my friend Jennifer whom graduated from law school this year as well. All my circle of friends are smart, beautiful,and talented! 
Fallon enjoying her cake!

Hand painted Leopard print cake with edible vanilla shoe

This cake was made for my mom's 45th birthday.The cake is covered in purple fondant and hand painted with black,gold, and brown leopard print. The shoe is made from vanilla candy mold  and hand carved with a knife.

I wanted to do something special for mom's birthday cake.  My mom is everything to me, and is not only my mom, but my best friend. She had me when she was only 16 years old while my father was sent to federal prison when I was 3 months old. My mom was suppose to be a statistic, but she was determined to have a better life for herself. She finished highschool and went on to get her degree. At 21 years old she became a home owner, owning her own co-op. She is now the head of fiances for the department of Social Services. She is one person I will forever admire for her drive, her Independence, and her ambition. I definitely appreciate all the things she has instilled in me, that's why I'm the woman I am today!

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Step in the Name of Love!

These assorted cupcakes with Vanilla edible shoes were made for the NYC Chicago Style Steppers Weekend. My aunt Dolores Brunner is a board member, and ask if I can make some cupcakes for one of the events in the park. I decided since it was a steppers'event I would add edible shoes to the top. I even tested out some cookies and cream cupcakes for the 1st time shown below...

I asked one of steppers if the cupcake taste like cookies and cream (she started shaking her head no) which made me nervous. She then said (while eating the cupcake) " I don't know, but all I know this is a damn good cupcake" lol
Now cookies and cream have been added to my list of flavors of cakes and cupcakes : )

Here's the NYC Chicago Style  Steppers in Central Park Stepping in the name of Love ; ). If you would like to take a class or have a stepper teach a class at your event. Please visit!/pages/New-York-Chicago-Style-Steppers/160271458117 for more information.

Here's me Chicago style stepping. I'm a woman with many talents lol ; )

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Big Girls Rock Cake

Sexy Girl Image
A client came to me, and wanted me to make her birthday cake. She wanted something fun, and different to match her big personality. At 1st she said "Can you make a big sexy girl coming out of a cake?" I said I don't think so, because I don't know how to do edible figures. Then I thought maybe I can get an edible picture of a sexy full figured woman,and just put it on the cake. It sounds real easy, but with my life I'm always thrown a curve ball. The client sent me 3 graphics of sexy big girls. It was one that she really liked with a girl licking an ice cream cone ( The picture to the left). I had this whole idea of an ice cream sexy big girl cake. I had it all set, so I thought. I purchased an custom edible image off of When I sent the image to the lady she couldn't use the image, because of the low resolution of the picture. The only picture she could use was the 3rd picture,so my whole sexy ice cream cake went out the window. As the days went by, I noticed I still didn't receive my purchase.I contacted the lady,and she said the image should arrive soon. Of course I went into panic mode,because it was 2 days before I had to make the cake. I happen to be on Amazon,and see this book on making characters for cakes. I rushed ordered it, and received it the next night. After receiving the book, I thought maybe I should try to fulfill her original dream,and do a sexy big girl coming out of a cake. The day before I tried to make the edible lady, she came out looking like an old lady with no teeth ( I wish I took a picture) lol. I swear I wanted to give up, but I knew I couldn't. Once I did my prayer,and went into pressure mode,everything started to flow. The cake is a sexy full figured woman (I made out of fondant),sitting in a bubble bath, reading a book that says big girls rock. The moral of the story is sometimes the things in life we may want may not always be the best, and that there maybe something else much better in store for us. I didn't see it at the time,but it was a good thing the edible image didn't come on time.It forced me to  be more creative, and I ended up with a better cake ; )